What costs are there to setup a website?

By Laurelle Keashly,

There are four different areas you will need to consider.

  1. You will need your own domain name for your website, like www.yourcompany.com. There is an ongoing yearly fee to keep your domain name registered.
  2. You will need a web hosting company to serve your website pages. There is an ongoing monthly, quarterly or yearly fee for this service.
  3. You will need a website design company to develop your custom website. The fee for this service can vary greatly depending upon your needs and features required for your website. The ultimate cost of the website will depend upon the number of pages, if you are going to be selling products or services, the graphics required and how interactive the website will be. After the website has been developed you will need to maintain and update the site, which can be done by your company or by your website design company.
  4. Advertising and promotion are the next area where you will have ongoing expenses. Submitting to some search engines are free others require that you pay a submission fee which is usually good for a year.

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